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A good review (so I’m told) does not depend on stars. A good review gives the reader an idea of whether or not they would like a book. Everyone has different tastes and frankly, stars don’t cut it anymore! Many 2 or 3 star reviews describe a book that sounds awesome to someone else (Indie author Bryan Pratt could vouch for that!).
So to cater for everyone’s tastes I have included both a star rating (for the lazy people) and a more descriptive review. The descriptive review will go into a bit more detail then “It was awesome!!!!!!” or “That was so bad I might ninja kick myself in the head”, I promise!  But lazy readers beware; star rankings are based on my personal taste, which may not be yours! Below is a rough indication of the significance of stars:

5-star: A fantastic book. If the description, review, and genre appeal don’t hesitate to buy, buy, buy!

4-star: A good book. I recommend giving it a crack.

3-star: A decent book. Some people might love it, but to the reviewer the book has made some boo-boos with the story or formatting.

2-star: A poor book. Mostly found in the sales bins at the bookstore, but not without some positive qualities.

1-star: Absolute crap, burn it.


The review comprises of several components.
Basic Info: The title and genre as well as information on the publisher, and where the book can be purchased.

Author Bio: A brief bio and website link. Maybe even a picture; let’s not get too fancy here...
The Break Down: What the book is about. I will attempt to refrain from spoilers.

The Verdict: What did we really think? This gives overall impressions of the book, how it was written, and who it is aimed at. Basically, did it rock my socks?
Side Note: Included here are things that depend on an individual’s taste (rather than being positive or negative). For example: This comedic novel may not be for everyone on account of some foul language and some fairly disgusting commentary on what young boys get up to on their own.

Star rating: You already know how this goes down...